THE-SHORT-VERSION: I had a e-notice that my Yahoo!Briefcase was slated for deletion by the end of March (I didn't even know I had a "Briefcase"?!). Within it were images of kitbashes I had thought long lost when (1) the computer crashed eons ago, and (2) my former web domain bailed on me, bringing along all my kitbash images from when I first started. And now I present the TOYSREVIL STREETWEAR COLLECTION 2002 (Yes it was THAT long ago!)

IMAGE-DESCRIPTION: These figures were "styled" for an Urban Club Diorama - if you've seen these images before, sorry to bore you! LOL



[REF / FYI: Nope, the image doesn't click any bigger - where's the fun in that? LOL



Will share with you folks a straight-up 1/6th diorama rather than a figure-bash (getting to be very far and few in-between in my life *sigh*). This set-up was done to facilitate an image-banner I'd wanted to create to pimp-out Ashley Wood x 3A Toys' upcomign 1/6th-scaled Tomorrow King AKI [Click for product-details]. The final animated-GIF banner is shown above, while the actual full image is posted below [click on pic to view larger image]:

[FULL Image w/ photoshop]

[Original Image sans photoshop]

ALTERNATE IMAGE (with a darker lighting approach):
[An Alternate Image with darker-lighting]

IMAGE-CONCEPT: The initial concept was based on the tagline I'd created: "We Will Save You ... Brother..." ~ where the boys were planning to rescue their 4th from the www, from within their HQ-Base / grotto-hideout.

But alas, my table had too small a space and it would have taken more than the half-hour I took to set-up and shoot the images .. and YES I know the WWR Desert Rat Pipebot is not apart of the POPBOT-world, but I needed a bot that was in dire need of repairs lurking in the background ... heh. In the end, perhaps the visuals were not as strong to convey the tagline / message (without added text), so I'd just left it as-is visually. Full-dio pics in another post perhaps :p

[Static Banner Image]

FYI: The first series of Tomorrow Kings released featured 3 regular variants and 2 exclusive variants (random inserted in blind boxes) Each figure came with a decapitated robot-head. Price was US$120 per figure (Regular Series) avaialble as singles (blind boxed, so you have no idea which was picked) and as a complete 3-figure-set. The first series has since sold out. TK AKI will be released on February 24th 2009 and priced at US$100 per.

- CLICK for TK coverage on my daily weblog.
- CLICK to see how gorgeous the BLANCO & NEGRO exclusive variant TKs look.


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