what is the Global Intergrated Joint Operating Entity?

"G.I. Joe is now a Brussels-based outfit that stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, an international co-ed force of operatives who use hi-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil organization headed by a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer. The property is closer in tone to X-Men and James Bond than a war film."

"Although the new G.I. Joe team will be international in scope, don't expect Joe's British counterpart Action Man to be included after all. IESB.net reports, "Looks like he will be gone, this new script is set to be 100% GI Joe, it will revolve around the characters we all grew up with fighting Cobra, Destro, the Baroness and Storm Shadow. When do they expect to have this new script ready? Six to eight weeks. Pre-production is expected to start by October-November and production to start early '08." = what? no Cobra Commander? [read more HERE]


Neo-Opera (WIP / Part Two)

presenting WUYING and XAR
individual profiles to come soon (i hope LOL)


and so the G.I.Joe Movie is a GO

and so the G.I.Joe movie is a GO! with director Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, The Mummy) helming this live-action adaptation (or re-invention?) of popular 80's cartoon based on Hasbro's military figures, and an obvious "rekindled" franchise to come (hopefully for the powers-that-be, i reckon LOL) ... and of coz i hadda do a quickie-bash for good ol'Joe and his buddy, Action Man, innit? :p

read more via CBR / via HollywoodReporter and this interesting article on AdvertisingAge; which discusses the relevance and theories of G.I.Joe's existence in relation to current real-world-scenario.

i'll just be happy if they'd come out with more new figures and toys ... *heh*

Neo-Opera (WIP / Part One)

humbly presenting PIK and Lil'Sis
the rest of the gang to be "revealed" soon...


1/6 SideShowToys' Jason with an October Toy Z.O.M.B.I.E. figurine (reviewed here) ... i even have a 1024X768 wallpaper for your download-pleasure HERE, if you so please :)

Priest and Raven of The Scarlet Squad Revisited

and tho i didn't win the OSW Sci-Fi Bash contest [blogged] i'd thought to give both Priest and Raven a chance to "show-off" a bit (before they go back into carton-storage :p)

About That G.I.Joe Movie...

Action Man versus G.I.Joe?
bashed this coupla dudes to go along with a blog-post on the impending G.I.Joe live-action movie [blogged] where tis currently a "buddy -movie"-concept, with the American Joe partnering with the UK's Action Man ... hopefully i'll find the time and patience to do some COBRA-villains tho ... can't wait to start! LOL

Of Girl's Mission and Baby Gwins

Girl's Mission meets October Toys' Baby GWINS:
... been meaning to do a "review" of the Girls Mission-figure [album here], but can't seem to find the time tho ... btw, the chair is a "Precious Thoughts" jewelry-box!

October Toys' GWINS

taking a break from "character-concepts" to do a straight-on visual bash featuring October Toys' GWINS vinyls :)


Codename: Maqeenic (WIP)

ie: a custom-collabo with a designer across the ocean (im doing the bod, he's doing the head :p) - for an exhibition/show for which i'd missed the dateline, but heck, we're gonna finish it anyways LOL

experimenting a bit more with paints and weathering ... tis always hard(er) when the lack of experience and skills hamper the execution of what i really want to achieve ... slowly but surely, i reckon? *heh*

seventh month

and so today's the start of what we local Chinese call; "Seventh Month" or "The Hungry Ghost Festival" (鬼月), in which the Gates of Hell are opened, and where ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower world to visit mortal earth ...
which also means a lunar month-long period of burnt paper hell money ashes littering the sidewalks, and of fragrant joss and incense filling the air, where temporary street-side Wayang stages are set-up and Getai (歌台) fill the heartland atmos with music and songs, all to entertain and appease the spirits ... **a note to anyone attending these "musical events": if you see the amidst the thronging crowds and wonder why no one ever seats in the first / front empty row? do not attempt to sit on them - becoz they have been "reserved" for the spirits :p /// READ MORE HERE


Codename: RT.01 (WIP)

waiting for the paint to dry, with more weathering and battle-scars to come ... :)


Flash Gordon Version.01 (WIP)

a WIP-shot of my "alternative" version of Flash Gordon (a reverse-inspiration of the watered-down Sci-Fi-Channel-version) also started for the OSW-Sci-Fi bash contest (but unable to be completed to my satisfaction in time :p) ... which i hope to finish one day ... soon ... :p

Happy Friday the 13th (2007)


Screaming Hand Crew

blue-themed streetwear bash of some figures done for an online review of The Screaming Hand-vinyl from Garageworks Industries (circa June 26, 2007)
LINK: more pics on my multiply-album


"from amidst the noodle soup comes SHROOMAN! protector of all soup noodles!"
admittedly, not your "regular" notion of a 1/6th-custom or a bash, but t'was completed for my "virgin" overseas customs show @ ToyQube (USA) circa June 2007. item was on display for a period of time and now is on it's way back to me in Singapore, whereby it might be sold off, depending if anyone's interested in it anyways! LOL
shrooman06 shrooman03 shrooman04
shrooman08 shrooman12 shrooman22
shrooman24 shrooman07 shrooman01
LINKS: Shrooman on TOYSREVIL-weblog + flickr + multiply
- WIP-pics of Shrooman on multiply


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