my custom 1/6th mephist festa contest submission

this is my submission to the Vinyl Abuse X Play Imaginative's Mephist Festa Fiesta competition:
and of coz what would i do but 1/6th-versions of them! *LOL*

a little behind-the-scenes-action for y'all who are interested:
the initial G.I.Joe-figure with glued-on horns, sprayed in basic white primer - it looked better this way, IMHO - becoz after i'd applied the hawt Fluorescent Pink-paint, the details were washed out from under the lights! and what you see is what-looks-like a photoshop contrast, but it's not! ~ live and learn, i guess :p

image-below-left is my table-top photoshoot set-up, with two mobile fluros and a coupla IKEA spotlights (for warm light contrast).
the dangling "crystal-stars" (for that christmas festive spirit/feel, no?) were quite a bother to set-up (especially at 3am in the morning *rubs eyes*), but i guess it worked for what i wanted afterall :p

oops! btw, these are the "original" vinyl-versions:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting *heh*


cheers to all

click on image above to see original pic without photoshopped-flakes :p

santa's mobile

bought me this generic ATV@the weekend flea market weeks ago, with the intention to bash/custom something out of it
and inevitably like most of my plans, they never get started - until i finished my Father-X and still cannot find my "sleigh"! so how's Santa gonna get around, besides riding a reindeer (bad for the back, i assure you)? presenting: Santa's Mobile! (toysrevil-style)
timeline for mod:
- 1/2 hour spraying base coat in early morning.
- left it to dry the entiure morning/noon.
- took 2 hours or so to sand-down / weather with sandpaper (coarse grade)
- took another hour or so to touch-up with acrylic paints and to dry.
- took damn near two hours to pose and take blardy photos, innit?
(of coz taken with other images too :p)

of course there's quite a bit more to go until tis all finished to my satisfaction,
but will make do for now with these and get on with other projects hahaha :p
the above detail images and more can be viewed on my multiply album :)


ya want a piece o me?

come and geddit it then!
ya want a piece o me?
*baring one's soul is not enough nowadays*


the contract

Claus: "so you wanna put out a hit on everyone on this list?"
so have you been "naughty" or "nice" this year?


fatherX (a X-mas kitbash)

- 12 days of Christmas
- 7 days in the Lazarus Pit (how do you think Claus stays so young and vibrant, eh?)
- 365 days minus 19 days = 346 days

what do you think Santa Claus does for the rest of the three hundred and forty-six days? he becomes Father X ~ PMC! (Private Militarized Claus)
Claus: "ya know, christmas ain't that cheap, son! a Claus' gotta do what a Claus' gotta do to keep the toy factory runnin'!"
"and if that means taking on freelance contracts, then so be it! but i take contracts on bad folks only, no innocents, no women and children. them's the rules."
Claus: "and i don't haveta ask if you've been naughty or nice, i can see it on your face... me and my crew, Team X!"

but first, check out my handpainted gear/equipment and weapon
i like it when things are around or on me, keep things handy and neat!

say "hello" to the Missus! (or Mdm X when we're on ops):
and no im not asking you to check her out! don't let me put a coupla hundred rounds inside your belly, boye!

Mrs Claus / Mdm X keeps the Claus' household and toy factory neat, tidy and running smoooooooth - as well as plans all the ops and missions. and she never misses a shot.
you can say "she has an eye for details", in more ways than one! *nudge-nudge*

and wave hello to Roderick and Randolph!
Roderick The Elf (masked-dude on left with poorly disguised elf-ears sticking out) is allergic to everything, but he's pretty handy to have around to carry the heavy armaments and weapons. and he doesn't ask any questions and you can imagine him smiling underneath that mask of his wherever he goes and in whatever he does.

Randolph however, is a totally different stocking filled with nightmares:
Randolph the (Dead) Elf was cursed by a wizard from eons ago to turn into a certain-red-nosed reindeer come Christmas (for 12 days) and turns "back" into the skeleton of an Elf with red-glowy eyes. he hates flying.
his mean-streak and death-wish (he thinks nobody notices) helps in tight corners and situations. he runs point and breach. and everything else that takes his fancy (which inevitably ends up battered and bloodied ... "toys" i mean! :p)

*end of story, beginning of christmas*

handy-linkages for y'all:
- posted on OSW (updated 18.12.2006)
- all images posted above from my flickr album
- all individual (and more) images uploaded unto my multiply album here
- work-in-progress on multiply (including finished weapons pics)
- work-in-progress blog-post

*have a very Merry Christmas everyone!*


father-x work-in-progress

a work-in-progress sneak-peek of a custom/kitbash Santa Claus (toysrevil/onesixx-style, natch ;p) for the OSW Santa's Got A Gun contest (to win a ED209!)

it all starts with a re-painted SASR-headsculpt hair-repaint! had always felt the h/s looked like a young Santa, IMHO.
and of coz he had to have a crew and in this endeavour, i'd wanted a Santarina-ish figure and a coupla Elves/henchmen (t'was easier to pre-bash the femme and henchmen, but with additional mods to come later) ~ all i gotta do now is find my "sleigh" (what's a Santa Claus-dio without a sleigh, innit? *HAH*)

and of coz i couldn't find a 1/6th-scaled Santa's cap and the closest i could was from a christmas-decor shop with an oversized-cap - looks like ima gonna haveta put my "sewing-skills" to work!
... which unfortunately is still not up-to-par ... (gggrrrr)... and still no sign of the sleigh :p

saturday was spraying-day:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
which is admittedly quite a bother b'coz the only available "space" i have is just outside the front door of my flat! ;p (don't think me neighbors appreciate the smell of sprays tho :p)

basic-white base for all gear and primary weapons:

the concept was to have underlying "tiger-striped-camo" for the weapons. enough for 1+1+2 peeps (naive to think that i might be able to finish the entire team in time :p):
but the stripes didn't come out as i imagined them to be ~ looks horrid :(

had a singular weapon without the tiger-stripe masking and i weathered it for a trial run and decided i liked it! better than the other two on image-right tho, IMHO...
... looks like i might have to re-spray them ... *urgh*

and still i cannot find my "sleigh" - have decided to give-up on that ... and there goes a saturday, innit? and it looks like no trip down to China Square Central's flea market on sunday/later today, innit? *drats*

dammit, i missed the contest deadline. submission ended as i slept,
(am trying to be honest with the USA/Singapore time difference here)
giving in to exhaustion and of smelling too much powdered dust from
sanding down and weathering the weapons... really wanted to try for
the ED209 tho (cheapskate that i am i admit freely) ... *s@bz* ...
sometimes i wished i needn't need to sleep ... or maybe i'd just
haveta learn to work faster... dammit ... but will still post
my completed bash when i finish it ... soon? *heh* :)

uploaded individual work-in-progress images unto my multiply-album, including the finished weapon-repaints:
sucks that i missed the contest, but heck, tis time to move unto the next bash for me! :)


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