dapper doom

my 1/6th-version of Kidrobot X Stone Throw Records' Madvillain
vinyl figure: Toysrevil's very own Dapper Doom!
"limited exclusive of one :p
with a DML-SuperX-AA figure base / WW2 black-pleather coat / pin-striped pants from
Yamato / pin-striped vest from Mattel/Ken / boots from Medicom's Two Tribes / BBI black
shirt / Green Hornet hat / Mask cut-out from toiletpaper-core and painted silver *LOL*

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my tank girl redux

horkay, before Tank Girl gets her new makeover, permit me to twaddle
down memory lane with my own 1/6th version of Toysrevil's Tank Girl:
mondo-more images on my multiply album
on-left-below is the new Tank Girl comic as drawn by Ashley Wood :)
(posted on OSW circa 15 Jan 2007)

UPDATED 24.01.2009: Added new slideshow and kitbash breakdown
for folks interested to find out what she's made up of.
FYI: Mty kitbash Tank Girl is currently not available for sale
but will update this blog-post if ever that happens, thanks :)



dragon wong figure review and the story of my 1/6 dtg

Dragon Wong = the third and final 1/6th release of DragonTigerGate-trio:
~ click on image below to read/view my short toy review of the figure ~
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Dragon Wong, together with Tiger Wong (Dragon's younger brother) and their friend; Turbo Shek, were released as 1/6th articulated figures in conjunction with the 36th anniversary of the HK comicbook; Dragon Tiger Gate, better known as Oriental Heroes or Lóng Hǔ Mén (龙虎门 / 龍虎門)

:: the story of my 1/6 DTG ::

i was first "attracted" to this series becoz i had chanced upon an earlier incarnation of an older/adult Tiger Wong (pictured here) and had lurved the comic/anime-ish headsculpt and dug the long hair (rare in 1/6th-sculpts) *LOL* - again happened to see Dragon and Turbo displayed by another local collector/friend, which promptly blew me away with their hair-details! ahahahaha ... but alas tracking down the other two figures had proven futile...

i then had an opportunity to procure another "new" series of figures (featured currently), but with the headsculpts of them "at a younger stage in their life" and more "comic-book"-inspired, and hence without even looking at the product (no images were found online by myself), i plonked down a full advance for the trio of figures ... this was indeed foolish and totally goes against my purchasing-principle of see-before-you-buy ahahaha :p

all three figures worked out to be near SGD$120/USD$78, which was not half-bad for a full figure, really ... but considering t'was only the headsculpt i was gunning for, SGD$30 for a piece'a head was mildly ridiculous hahahaha
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but i like 'em! especially Dragon's, with the teasing-fringe hahahahaha (as plastiky and bootlegged they might look LOL) ~ my thoughts and opinions on the figures are in my reviews:
- Dragon Wong / multiplied
- Turbo Shek / multiplied
- Tiger Wong / multiplied

and one of the main reasons for featuring these trio on my blog is, at least there'll be a record of these figures online, that hopefully will/would be easily/easier to access (at least in the English-language searches) *heh*


more 1/6 mephist festa trio pix

and so i didn't snag the prize for the Mephist Festa Fiesta comp,
but it doesn't mean Zugan, Dead and Becky are laid to toy-pasture!
dead mephist
more images of the 1/6-trio from Hell on my multiply :)
zugan mephist
(more images of Becky once i matt down her face tho :p) *heh*


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