my tank girl redux

horkay, before Tank Girl gets her new makeover, permit me to twaddle
down memory lane with my own 1/6th version of Toysrevil's Tank Girl:
mondo-more images on my multiply album
on-left-below is the new Tank Girl comic as drawn by Ashley Wood :)
(posted on OSW circa 15 Jan 2007)

UPDATED 24.01.2009: Added new slideshow and kitbash breakdown
for folks interested to find out what she's made up of.
FYI: Mty kitbash Tank Girl is currently not available for sale
but will update this blog-post if ever that happens, thanks :)



Anonymous said...

is there any way to find these for sale? they're incredible! i can't find tank girl anything anywhere, i dig these!!

toysrevil said...

thanks for your kind words, but these are OOAK kitbashes that i did a while back ... and unfortunately she has been parted-out for other kitbashes already! my tank girl is no more .... sob :p

Hryma said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this.
That is one cool toy, glad I stumbled across your blog.

Alicia Browning said...

Cheers mate. Excellent work. Is there a formula of sorts to follow if one wanted to make their own Tank Girl? Or at the very least I'm curious as to what kind of dolls were used.

Anonymous said...

woooooooooow I HAVE TO have it!!! pleeeease, let me buy it!!! ;)

toysrevil said...

Thanks for your kind words Hryma :)

Your request is thy pleasure, Alicia! I've updated with kitbash-breakdowns - hope they help? :p

apologies for the delayed reply tho (i don't blog here as much as i do daily on my I Like Toys-blog



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