Toysrevil's Neo-Opera Clan in 1/6

TOYSREVIL's NEO-OPERA 1/6th-scaled characters kitbashed and snapped on 23rd August 2007. Teased on the 24th. Fully-posted on January 28th, 2009. Yes, I am slow like that I couldn't set aside a time to format them completely (heh). Assassins-for-hire with a fetish for Chinese Opera-masks; the story of the Neo-Opera Clan will one day be told, in one form or another, one day...

FYI: I "cheated" on my sketches shown here - as they are digitally inverted from the original pencil on white-paper scanned-images. heh. it's all about the packaging, what?!


JARR-ROR: The Most Feared Bounty Hunter in all of Hoth!

JARR-ROR is the Most Feared Bounty Hunter in all of Hoth!
JARR-ROR was a kitbash I did circa 2004! Ye gawds but that is fossilized-old, innit?

JARR-ROR is a straight-up 1/6th-scaled kitbash (no weathering/aging) utilizing a BBI G3-articulated body / Hasbro Jango Fett gear / Hasbro Hoth Luke clothes / Hasbro Stormtrooper boots & weapon / BBI WW2 desert coat underneath / G.I.Joe winter coat and skiing gear from Action Man. [FYI: these images were taken in 2004 and formatted as such then - I just added the TRE-watermark ;p]

JARR-ROR has been unearthed from my dusty archives becoz I was reminded of it with my blog-post on Hunter Prey. One day I may spruce-up ol' Jarr-Ror (whose name came to me becoz I'd wanted a winter-gruff growl of a name LOL), or I may just bash a coupla new figures ... If I have play-time, that is :p


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