Android Hunter

Quick IG snaps of my "Android Hunter" bootleg of "Deckard" from "Blade Runner" featuring the likeness of actor Harrison Ford, purchased literal decades back, with this being the first time since I had actually UNBOXED the figure, and posed for the camera, like, EVAH! More images in anticipation of posting on my Blade Runner Redux blog, and more likely HERE and, of course, on TOYSREVIL :)

Hotline Bling Drake in 1/6?

Found this dude today, and thought he looked like musician "Drake" (of current "Hotline Bling" infamy) ... although if I remembered getting him years back, I actually did not recognize him as such hahaha

Kung-Fu Sweater by Mass Burger

#massburger 1/6 #packingpics #toysrevilpacking

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There were two different sets available a while back, both of whom I opened for "my boys" (back in 2002 when I had a party), and I've sorta regretted de-blistering them since - but that's what I do to my 1/6th-purchases tho, I buy them to "play with" and not to "keep" ... but then again yeeeears later, I found this at a local sales, and snagged one for the sake of "memory" ... the price was not "fantastic" though, but t'was a decent price to pay for "nostalgia" :)


Hiroshi Fujiwara's 1/6 Presto


TOYSREVIL 2015 1/6th Hobby Packing Pics

I Collect 1/6 Motorbikes

Berserk Guts by DML / Dragon Model


I Heart 1/6th

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I am guilty of letting this blog lapse into obscurity … I am also guilty of not having fun with my 1/6 collection for some time now, especially after Stroke in 2010, when most of my collection had been boxed up, and not too accessible for play or kitbash … sure, there have been toy reviews here and there on the TOYSREVIL-blog, but they are mostly straight-from-box, and I'd rather do more customs and kitbash features HERE, yeh? This is a HOBBY-blog after all, yeh?

But that might change in time to come (I hope) … but until that day comes, I am posting about the hobby mostly on my Instagram @toysrevil and Facebook "TOYSREVIL16" (hobby page).

Before I loved "Art toys", I loved the 1/6th hobby … I Still Do :)

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