the red hunt

The Red Hunt was first created for submission to the OSW Halloween Group Bash and has since morphed into something that i will further develop into (hopefully) a toy property of my own (*sheeyar-rite!*). With that said, there'll be more photo-shoots and storylines planned for the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy these following group-photos:

Team One: Tagging Crew

Team Two: Clean-Up Crew

The Red Hunt:


one day my wish will come true (*i wish*) :)

the red hunt: shred

Shred is good with blades. Any and all kind of blades. 'nuff said.
Shred sometimes takes over as team leader of the Clean-up Crew. Initially no one would listen to him, but have since respected his decisions, if not his blood-lust.
Shred is a highly intelligent person, altho he plays the fool most of the time. But nobody dares to not take him seriously.
He tells folks why he's good with blades is coz he used to work in the kitchen (for which Red Star always says he's fulla bullsh*t). Long suspected to be a serial killer on death row, nobody else dare question his current status and allegiance.
Shred's bloodlust is what his teammates fear the most, not knowing if he'll ever turn on them. Woe betide the gentle folks "if" he ever turns zombie.
Shred always has a blade in his hands, be it twirling around or carving nonsensical drawings on whatever surfaces he finds.
Shred used to say he was an "artist" (before claiming to work in a kitchen) but has since stopped, when Lil'Red kept on asking him to draw some "purdy pictures"
Lil'Red has a slight crush on Shred, which he pretends he doesn't know about.
Shred sings to himself too often, mostly boy-band tunes, which irritates the hell out of his teammates (or maybe he does so to irritate them?)

more images of Shred here on my multiply album

the red hunt: zombie red

Zombie Red is the explosive expert of the team.
But he'd rather use his modified shot-gun/Grenade launcher, as his hands aren't too steady with sensitive explosives ...
Zombie Red is actually a lapsed half-zombie. The plague has left him with the inhuman strength of a turned-zombie, but with his mind intact. (don't really know about the "humanity"-part tho) But that has also left him with a decaying/rotting body, which recently has proven "invaluable" as he has shown to be able to 'regenerate" his own body-parts, very slowly, of coz ...
... which he "exploits" at any given opportunity. Zombie Red is suspected of having a death wish.
Zombie Red is undeniably the odd-one out of the team and everyone secretly fears him. But becoz of what he has achieved (given his state) they respect him ... for now ...
Zombie Red was a pacifist and strict lifelong vegan before RDP broke-out.

more images of Zombie Red here on my multiply album

the red hunt: red-one

Codename: Red-One is current team leader of The Red Hunt.
Red-One "claims" to have military-training (which no one refutes except for Shred) and is an exceptional strategist and tactician, except for his weakness for zombie-women ("killing" them and not falling in love with one). His kill-rate is matched only by Shred, his teammate (after Red.Death, of coz). They do not ever see eye-to-eye and have too often come to blows/conflict with each other.
Red-One actually has an IQ of over-200 and was rumored to be a child-prodigy before (in what field, nobody can say) and is deadly wicked with driving any automobile. Any automobile.
Some say he was a school teacher before RDP broke-out (if he was, he'd be a gym-teacher), becoz of his incessant lectures and pep-talk prior to any mission. for everyone's sake, I'll rather put my bet on "military-background".
Red-One had since stopped smoking after RDP broke-out.
Red-One does not listen to any music, in fact he hates it, as it is too much of a reminder of the past ... Except for Frank Sinatra's tunes. And Tony Bennett. And Nat King Cole.
okay, fine ... he likes listening to music which no one else wants to listen to, so he gave up.

more images of Red-One here on my multiply album

the red hunt: red.death

Red.Death handles assault/breach and is second in command, after Red-One.
Red.Death's weapons of choice are her (self) modified shotgun and samurai-blade. a hidden unit (which she cobbled-up herself) in her blade's handle heats up her blade for a cleaner slice of zombie-flesh.
Red.Death is rumored to be a stealth assassin. (but she was actually an Accountant before RDP, don't ask)
Nobody knows why or where her stealth abilities come from. Everyone on the team accepts her for what she is able to do and achieve. a 98-percent kill-rate.
Once her weapons are drawn, "they have to draw blood", especially if it's zombie-blood. She claims so herself. Nobody is going to say different, not in front of her anyways...
Red.Death is exceptionally great with computers and all things tech (some rumored tis becoz of her endless hours in front of computer-games and hidden geekery).
Red.Death doesn't really talk much, but loves to listen to Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kenny G (not neccessarily in that order) and secretly cries when she sees "turned" zombie-children.

more images of Red.Death here on my multiply album

the red hunt: red star

Red Star is 1/3 of the "Clean-up Crew" of The Red Hunt.
Red Star hates to be called by his codename: "Red Star". He prefers it if his teammates called him "Ivan" (altho nobody knows if that is his real name or not) - so he can hold unto whatever "humanity" he has left in him ... but he will never acknowledge that.
Red Star claimed to be a "country farmer" before he moved to the "city" and he found his calling to be a Chef (assistant / trainee-chef. to be exact) in a posh restaurant, until RDP-broke out.
A meticulous bordering on obssessive-compulsiveness, Red Star fashioned his own weapons. Having it look like the former-Russian republic's Hammer and Sickle was purely a coincidence. Or so he claims.
And becoz Ivan loved reading superhero comicbooks, he named his Bone-Hammer "Mjolnir" ~ after Thor's hammer.
Red Star/Ivan is 1/3-russian and absolutely hates zombie-dogs.

more images of Red Star here on my multiply album

the red hunt: lil'red

Lil'Red is pointman and scout. Lil'Red is also the "zombie bait".
Lil'Red is a superb marksman and is an expert with crossbows and projectile weapons. she hates guns and firearms, as she is allergic to gunpowder.
A former gymnast in college and a prime candidate as the country's Olympic-archery representative, until the Red Death Plague broke-out and now she's angry she didn't have a chance to make that dream come true.
the above-line is a lie. but the truth is she had a rebellious streak and was too uncontrollable to be conferred as a representative of her country. but don't tell people that, or she'll shut you up with a lightning quick shot from her quiver.
Lil'Red likes listening to havy jungle / drum'n'bass. Lyrics only make her angrier.

more images of Lil'Red here on my multiply album

the red death plague

Entry dated: RP+30
Nobody knew exactly when it was when the Red Death Plague hit. It could've been in the air and atmosphere for months or even years. The seeds of damnation are embedded into the human genome and corrupts from within. You might not know when you'd turn, until the day your taste for human flesh replaces all semblance of humanity, conscience and love (except for the love of fresh flesh).

The turned-zombies exist only to feast on human flesh. Some say they still retain a small part of their humanity and consciousness, but nobody is eager to find out if that is fact. Everyone's trying to stay alive.

RDP has since been discovered suspected to be a mutated biological agent carried across via winds and weather, infecting only certain parts of the population via breathing and/or inhalation. Scientists (whomever is still "unturned") are still trying to uncover the secrets of which or whom are / can be affected. Current protection protocol dictates filtering of the (breathable) air in open areas. All confined spaces are outfitted with air-filtration units, sanctioned by (whatever remains of) the U.N. and various surviving health organizations. But nobody can ever confirm it is 100-percent effective. We will just have to wait it out.

The Red Death Plague is still spreading at an alarming rate and within the estimated next few years, will engulf the entire planet. Or maybe it would be sooner, depending on the wind conditions around the globe.

Nobody has laid claim to releasing it, or mayhap they are dead, or even worse, turned into cannibalistic zombies. There is no one to point a shivering finger at. We have ourselves to blame.


The Red Hunt is a cell of many zombie-fighters spread out throughout the country and globe. Their mission is to protect the still-living and to hunt and destroy the undead zombies ... before any one of their own "turns"...

Welcome to Zombie City. Kill or Be Eaten.>

(c) COPYRIGHT 2006


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