the red hunt: zombie red

Zombie Red is the explosive expert of the team.
But he'd rather use his modified shot-gun/Grenade launcher, as his hands aren't too steady with sensitive explosives ...
Zombie Red is actually a lapsed half-zombie. The plague has left him with the inhuman strength of a turned-zombie, but with his mind intact. (don't really know about the "humanity"-part tho) But that has also left him with a decaying/rotting body, which recently has proven "invaluable" as he has shown to be able to 'regenerate" his own body-parts, very slowly, of coz ...
... which he "exploits" at any given opportunity. Zombie Red is suspected of having a death wish.
Zombie Red is undeniably the odd-one out of the team and everyone secretly fears him. But becoz of what he has achieved (given his state) they respect him ... for now ...
Zombie Red was a pacifist and strict lifelong vegan before RDP broke-out.

more images of Zombie Red here on my multiply album

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