1/6 hair (amateur work)

now, i don't claim to be an uber-experienced customizer (but am a pretty decent kitbasher *bleah*) and so it was with a untested-notion, laced with a tinge of hesitation that i started on adding "hair" to a figure im currently bashing:
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base-figure is of a Michael-Lau-headsculpt (done yonks back for ThreeZero) i needed the figure to have "long-ish" hair (to match a comicbook character)

inspired by Michael Lau's early 12"-er figures with felt hair, i picked up a piece of Black Felt-sheet (with reverse-side adhesived) at a local hobbycraft-shop. knowing that i'll be adding a cap unto the final-figure helped me to decide in putting the amount of felt-hair that was needed. and since the cap originally fit pretty decent on the head, i'd decided to concentrate on hair below the cap-line :p
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no measurements and templates were used to cut the felt. (and that's why it looked weird lah :p)

filled the in-between-spots with more loose felt (individually cut this time) to give a more "ragged" feel and less of the current "flat"-looking hairstyle (:p) the end result should be more "tussled", but more on that laterz :p
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also added "fake" fringes, as the comicbook character had those. and yes they are partially put, becoz ima gonna be putting on the cap llaterz :)

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and with the cap and a few fake "band-aids", my bash is done for now, altho far from finishing, with more hair to be added later at the base, i reckon ... depending on how the rest of the bash goes (and it has been quite a long while going *groan*) here's a sneak peek at the work-in-progress:

(post circa 17.10.06)

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