1/6 adidas kicks

what types of 1/6th-scaled Adidas sneakers are available out there in the general toyland mass market? i'll talk about what i have and know so far:
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most available right now in the aftersales market (as they might be "parted out" or sold "loose") would likely be the adidas from Dragon Models (DML) (HK).
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most "common" are the WHITE-versions. available are 2 styles, Clean (from Initial-D figures) and Dirty (ie: DML Jones) and BLACK. there is also the more rare RED-version, which is only available with the exclusive DML/Toy2R Skull Guards sets. the fit for Dragon-kicks are actually quite good for generic 1/6th-figures, more so then other styles, IMHO.
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on the far right is a much earlier version (my first adidas) which came out yeeaaaaars ago, via (probably) Elite Brigade and unfortunately was crude in terms of details and definition.

for more detailed stylings, there is Hot Toy's Sneaker Vision series One and Two, with a slightly wider variety of colors/stripes. (cool shelltops)
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the downside of this is, they are actually quite huge for 1/6th-feet, IMHO. having a pair of 1/6th-socks helps a tad, which is quite a shame tho.

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other brands i've seen (and own) are notably Hot Toy's "hand-made" kicks (above image-left) which came with their SDU-figures. the fit is quite decent and recommended, altho they might "come apart" given time. and an unknown-brand (procured years back in HK) which came in a variety of colorways (above image-right) but is a blardy tight-fit (as seen its stuck on my BBi-G1 feet) but will be great quite suitable for Femme figures. here's a size/scale-comparison image:
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image-far-right is of a "standard" Sneaker-Vision kick, for scale comparision.

here's a gratuitous shot to end this frivolous 1/6th-kicks fashion entry :)
kicks :)

(post circa 11.09.06)

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