the red hunt: red.death

Red.Death handles assault/breach and is second in command, after Red-One.
Red.Death's weapons of choice are her (self) modified shotgun and samurai-blade. a hidden unit (which she cobbled-up herself) in her blade's handle heats up her blade for a cleaner slice of zombie-flesh.
Red.Death is rumored to be a stealth assassin. (but she was actually an Accountant before RDP, don't ask)
Nobody knows why or where her stealth abilities come from. Everyone on the team accepts her for what she is able to do and achieve. a 98-percent kill-rate.
Once her weapons are drawn, "they have to draw blood", especially if it's zombie-blood. She claims so herself. Nobody is going to say different, not in front of her anyways...
Red.Death is exceptionally great with computers and all things tech (some rumored tis becoz of her endless hours in front of computer-games and hidden geekery).
Red.Death doesn't really talk much, but loves to listen to Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kenny G (not neccessarily in that order) and secretly cries when she sees "turned" zombie-children.

more images of Red.Death here on my multiply album

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