the red hunt: red star

Red Star is 1/3 of the "Clean-up Crew" of The Red Hunt.
Red Star hates to be called by his codename: "Red Star". He prefers it if his teammates called him "Ivan" (altho nobody knows if that is his real name or not) - so he can hold unto whatever "humanity" he has left in him ... but he will never acknowledge that.
Red Star claimed to be a "country farmer" before he moved to the "city" and he found his calling to be a Chef (assistant / trainee-chef. to be exact) in a posh restaurant, until RDP-broke out.
A meticulous bordering on obssessive-compulsiveness, Red Star fashioned his own weapons. Having it look like the former-Russian republic's Hammer and Sickle was purely a coincidence. Or so he claims.
And becoz Ivan loved reading superhero comicbooks, he named his Bone-Hammer "Mjolnir" ~ after Thor's hammer.
Red Star/Ivan is 1/3-russian and absolutely hates zombie-dogs.

more images of Red Star here on my multiply album

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