anarchy in the uk: jamespunk

my second submission for an online toy-custom competition: jamespunk
(with the theme being "Anarchy In The UK")
a re-painted James Dean figure dressed in dapper-mode and ready for work! - SideShowToys jacket over an unknown japanese-brand jeans, with Hot Toys' lace-up combat-boots.
off goes the coat and tie at the stroke of five, work's done and time to rawk! - James dressed in a DML-white shirt with cut-off sleeves and inked over directly, in black and red felt-pens.
text at back of shirt is actually the lyrics to the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy In The UK" (incomplete)
off goes the shirt to see James' "true-self"! - tatts done directly unto body with black and red ink/marker. (hence the crude-curves, im sorry :p)

i haveta admit, technically this is half-a-custom (if i may dare call it "a custom" :p), as the chest-tattoos were done a while back, but was incomplete ~ for this competiton, i completed all, including the left and right arms (would've wanted to do more but i could've missed the deadline) - just hoping this doesn't "disqualify" me, eh? *heh*
mondo-more images on me multiply-album :)

(circa 18.10.06)

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