the red hunt: red-one

Codename: Red-One is current team leader of The Red Hunt.
Red-One "claims" to have military-training (which no one refutes except for Shred) and is an exceptional strategist and tactician, except for his weakness for zombie-women ("killing" them and not falling in love with one). His kill-rate is matched only by Shred, his teammate (after Red.Death, of coz). They do not ever see eye-to-eye and have too often come to blows/conflict with each other.
Red-One actually has an IQ of over-200 and was rumored to be a child-prodigy before (in what field, nobody can say) and is deadly wicked with driving any automobile. Any automobile.
Some say he was a school teacher before RDP broke-out (if he was, he'd be a gym-teacher), becoz of his incessant lectures and pep-talk prior to any mission. for everyone's sake, I'll rather put my bet on "military-background".
Red-One had since stopped smoking after RDP broke-out.
Red-One does not listen to any music, in fact he hates it, as it is too much of a reminder of the past ... Except for Frank Sinatra's tunes. And Tony Bennett. And Nat King Cole.
okay, fine ... he likes listening to music which no one else wants to listen to, so he gave up.

more images of Red-One here on my multiply album

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