the red hunt: lil'red

Lil'Red is pointman and scout. Lil'Red is also the "zombie bait".
Lil'Red is a superb marksman and is an expert with crossbows and projectile weapons. she hates guns and firearms, as she is allergic to gunpowder.
A former gymnast in college and a prime candidate as the country's Olympic-archery representative, until the Red Death Plague broke-out and now she's angry she didn't have a chance to make that dream come true.
the above-line is a lie. but the truth is she had a rebellious streak and was too uncontrollable to be conferred as a representative of her country. but don't tell people that, or she'll shut you up with a lightning quick shot from her quiver.
Lil'Red likes listening to havy jungle / drum'n'bass. Lyrics only make her angrier.

more images of Lil'Red here on my multiply album

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