the red death plague

Entry dated: RP+30
Nobody knew exactly when it was when the Red Death Plague hit. It could've been in the air and atmosphere for months or even years. The seeds of damnation are embedded into the human genome and corrupts from within. You might not know when you'd turn, until the day your taste for human flesh replaces all semblance of humanity, conscience and love (except for the love of fresh flesh).

The turned-zombies exist only to feast on human flesh. Some say they still retain a small part of their humanity and consciousness, but nobody is eager to find out if that is fact. Everyone's trying to stay alive.

RDP has since been discovered suspected to be a mutated biological agent carried across via winds and weather, infecting only certain parts of the population via breathing and/or inhalation. Scientists (whomever is still "unturned") are still trying to uncover the secrets of which or whom are / can be affected. Current protection protocol dictates filtering of the (breathable) air in open areas. All confined spaces are outfitted with air-filtration units, sanctioned by (whatever remains of) the U.N. and various surviving health organizations. But nobody can ever confirm it is 100-percent effective. We will just have to wait it out.

The Red Death Plague is still spreading at an alarming rate and within the estimated next few years, will engulf the entire planet. Or maybe it would be sooner, depending on the wind conditions around the globe.

Nobody has laid claim to releasing it, or mayhap they are dead, or even worse, turned into cannibalistic zombies. There is no one to point a shivering finger at. We have ourselves to blame.


The Red Hunt is a cell of many zombie-fighters spread out throughout the country and globe. Their mission is to protect the still-living and to hunt and destroy the undead zombies ... before any one of their own "turns"...

Welcome to Zombie City. Kill or Be Eaten.>

(c) COPYRIGHT 2006

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Dani said...

I'm a bit late on this but this is brilliant. It would make a great video game too. Wish you the best.


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