1/6 Heavy Armoured Special Cop Female from Art Figures

Handling a box of that non-official “Judge Dredd” in 1/6th, I had remembered that there was to be a another non-official Judge Anderson” (which I had mistaken to be THIS version which I really wanted :p), and that I was ready to bite the bullet and chomp down hard to collecting 1/6th again … alas dude at the counter said Anderson had not arrived yet … I left dejected, but somewhat "relieved" I dodged a bullet ... or so I thought...

Leaving CSC and bumped into an old friend at the pedestrian crossing (thanks Vincent!), and I mentioned the Dredd/Anderson, to which he said the figure is already out, just that it was another store (which I did not frequent) … a few steps away from CSC, before I turned round, went to said shop and bit the bullet! And if only the shop took electronic “NETS” payment, I would be two-man squad strong today!

Maybe next week? @.@"

A review when I have them together side by side, because how else can you collect these two? “NO” Dredd Sequel yet? I’ll just make do and relive them via these Art Figures 1/6th then :)


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