I Heart 1/6th

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I am guilty of letting this blog lapse into obscurity … I am also guilty of not having fun with my 1/6 collection for some time now, especially after Stroke in 2010, when most of my collection had been boxed up, and not too accessible for play or kitbash … sure, there have been toy reviews here and there on the TOYSREVIL-blog, but they are mostly straight-from-box, and I'd rather do more customs and kitbash features HERE, yeh? This is a HOBBY-blog after all, yeh?

But that might change in time to come (I hope) … but until that day comes, I am posting about the hobby mostly on my Instagram @toysrevil and Facebook "TOYSREVIL16" (hobby page).

Before I loved "Art toys", I loved the 1/6th hobby … I Still Do :)

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