what drag?

i know not what i was doing when i did this bash (most probably muckin' about in MWD :p)

dude "used to be" a Gladiator, dressed here in Barbie-hot-pink-pants (it fits!), Hot Toy's Red-Nike-sneaks, a unknown-brand silver-top-wrap-thingie, with Barbie-shades and see-thru-carrybag ... the mobile-phone, pistol and slurpie-cup are from Reservoir Dogs-sets.

happy valentine's


yes, i had 2 DML Amys (*nyuknyuk*) - decked out in red-leather ensemble from Jenny, black-racing-jacket and skirt from CG. dude's a Barbie-Blaine, in black-tee with print-on, unknown-brand flared jeans. this series of images were first posted on forum boards; for Valentine's.

my bladerunner version.02

The "Bladerunner" is from a SEA-International Male, wearing a WW2-coat (whose, i can't remember), in a BBI-Carlo's leather jacket, DML brown-pants and BBI-Andromeda Boots.

The "Replicant" is a GITS-femme bod (very flimsy), wearing a CG-Ebony leather jacket, Barbie-lime green top (heh), CG/PB-black shorts and black boots from 21st Century villain-chick (whose name i obviously forgot :p)

the black baron

self-explanatory, innit? *heh* ;p

bad boyz bad boyz whatchua gonna do

a Will-Smith bash using Hot Toy's headsculpt on a Marvel/Blade-body (beefier), with a black-tee from Worthsfield, DML Vest, Grey-Camo pants from DML Hit Team (Alex's) and oversized-shoes from Fun Toys.
Man-In-Black-Will on right, in a complete Worthsfield Black-suit.

biker amy


a photo-shopped DML Amy in BBI/CG-Ebony leather jacket and Unknown Brand pants, in Worthsfield-boots (man-sized :p) on a guiloy-bike. bike-googles are from Jenny.

why "toysrevil"?

i'll tellya why ...

and so im here with yet another blog

and so my web-server is no more. and so i cancelled itz ass. and so im left without a dedicated server for my previous online images @ www.toysrevil.com. no matter = i am here now. and i will be reposting me old shitte 1/6th-toy images here (at random, no less :p), just so i have a record of them and such. and until such time where i "might" pay for a new server, all images remain here (at least for back-up, innit?) ... a brand new online-store will be posted in another blog. most probably @ plasticrack. but we shall see, eh? meanwhile, do enjoy the images and drop me a comment or two (no effin' spam pls, thanks)
cheers :)


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