what drag?

i know not what i was doing when i did this bash (most probably muckin' about in MWD :p)

dude "used to be" a Gladiator, dressed here in Barbie-hot-pink-pants (it fits!), Hot Toy's Red-Nike-sneaks, a unknown-brand silver-top-wrap-thingie, with Barbie-shades and see-thru-carrybag ... the mobile-phone, pistol and slurpie-cup are from Reservoir Dogs-sets.


Santorrostro said...

It's great to see your "old" stuff being recovered here.
Thank you!

Sir, you own a lot of sites, I'm amazed!

I dig the drag-dude :]

toysrevil said...

hahahaha thanks Javi!

still slowly trying to recover all the pics i have ...

many blogs = now you know why i've been away from forumboards for so long! LOL


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