santa's mobile

bought me this generic ATV@the weekend flea market weeks ago, with the intention to bash/custom something out of it
and inevitably like most of my plans, they never get started - until i finished my Father-X and still cannot find my "sleigh"! so how's Santa gonna get around, besides riding a reindeer (bad for the back, i assure you)? presenting: Santa's Mobile! (toysrevil-style)
timeline for mod:
- 1/2 hour spraying base coat in early morning.
- left it to dry the entiure morning/noon.
- took 2 hours or so to sand-down / weather with sandpaper (coarse grade)
- took another hour or so to touch-up with acrylic paints and to dry.
- took damn near two hours to pose and take blardy photos, innit?
(of coz taken with other images too :p)

of course there's quite a bit more to go until tis all finished to my satisfaction,
but will make do for now with these and get on with other projects hahaha :p
the above detail images and more can be viewed on my multiply album :)

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