my custom 1/6th mephist festa contest submission

this is my submission to the Vinyl Abuse X Play Imaginative's Mephist Festa Fiesta competition:
and of coz what would i do but 1/6th-versions of them! *LOL*

a little behind-the-scenes-action for y'all who are interested:
the initial G.I.Joe-figure with glued-on horns, sprayed in basic white primer - it looked better this way, IMHO - becoz after i'd applied the hawt Fluorescent Pink-paint, the details were washed out from under the lights! and what you see is what-looks-like a photoshop contrast, but it's not! ~ live and learn, i guess :p

image-below-left is my table-top photoshoot set-up, with two mobile fluros and a coupla IKEA spotlights (for warm light contrast).
the dangling "crystal-stars" (for that christmas festive spirit/feel, no?) were quite a bother to set-up (especially at 3am in the morning *rubs eyes*), but i guess it worked for what i wanted afterall :p

oops! btw, these are the "original" vinyl-versions:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting *heh*

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