father-x work-in-progress

a work-in-progress sneak-peek of a custom/kitbash Santa Claus (toysrevil/onesixx-style, natch ;p) for the OSW Santa's Got A Gun contest (to win a ED209!)

it all starts with a re-painted SASR-headsculpt hair-repaint! had always felt the h/s looked like a young Santa, IMHO.
and of coz he had to have a crew and in this endeavour, i'd wanted a Santarina-ish figure and a coupla Elves/henchmen (t'was easier to pre-bash the femme and henchmen, but with additional mods to come later) ~ all i gotta do now is find my "sleigh" (what's a Santa Claus-dio without a sleigh, innit? *HAH*)

and of coz i couldn't find a 1/6th-scaled Santa's cap and the closest i could was from a christmas-decor shop with an oversized-cap - looks like ima gonna haveta put my "sewing-skills" to work!
... which unfortunately is still not up-to-par ... (gggrrrr)... and still no sign of the sleigh :p

saturday was spraying-day:
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which is admittedly quite a bother b'coz the only available "space" i have is just outside the front door of my flat! ;p (don't think me neighbors appreciate the smell of sprays tho :p)

basic-white base for all gear and primary weapons:

the concept was to have underlying "tiger-striped-camo" for the weapons. enough for 1+1+2 peeps (naive to think that i might be able to finish the entire team in time :p):
but the stripes didn't come out as i imagined them to be ~ looks horrid :(

had a singular weapon without the tiger-stripe masking and i weathered it for a trial run and decided i liked it! better than the other two on image-right tho, IMHO...
... looks like i might have to re-spray them ... *urgh*

and still i cannot find my "sleigh" - have decided to give-up on that ... and there goes a saturday, innit? and it looks like no trip down to China Square Central's flea market on sunday/later today, innit? *drats*

dammit, i missed the contest deadline. submission ended as i slept,
(am trying to be honest with the USA/Singapore time difference here)
giving in to exhaustion and of smelling too much powdered dust from
sanding down and weathering the weapons... really wanted to try for
the ED209 tho (cheapskate that i am i admit freely) ... *s@bz* ...
sometimes i wished i needn't need to sleep ... or maybe i'd just
haveta learn to work faster... dammit ... but will still post
my completed bash when i finish it ... soon? *heh* :)

uploaded individual work-in-progress images unto my multiply-album, including the finished weapon-repaints:
sucks that i missed the contest, but heck, tis time to move unto the next bash for me! :)

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