seventh month

and so today's the start of what we local Chinese call; "Seventh Month" or "The Hungry Ghost Festival" (鬼月), in which the Gates of Hell are opened, and where ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower world to visit mortal earth ...
which also means a lunar month-long period of burnt paper hell money ashes littering the sidewalks, and of fragrant joss and incense filling the air, where temporary street-side Wayang stages are set-up and Getai (歌台) fill the heartland atmos with music and songs, all to entertain and appease the spirits ... **a note to anyone attending these "musical events": if you see the amidst the thronging crowds and wonder why no one ever seats in the first / front empty row? do not attempt to sit on them - becoz they have been "reserved" for the spirits :p /// READ MORE HERE

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