priest of the scarlet squad

a Sci-Fi Character kitbash completed for the recent OSW Sci-Fi Group Bash:

"... and when the Black Tide allied themselves with the Lords of the Shadowverse, a great darkness engulfed the universe. tyranny and oppression were but games to the dark lords. murder and genocide were their daily trade. and the universe was rapidly dying from within itself.

but a sharpened whisper was heard amidst the decaying spacewinds ... a group of men, women and aliens have banded together to challenge the oppressors, to topple the tyranny, to free the universe with a unison cry for peace and freedom!

but before that will happen, they must fight. they must kill. they must wage war. they are the Scarlet Squad."

priest01 priest02
priest03 priest04
codename: Priest [more images @ my multiply]

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