racer by day, robber by night

inspired by news of the Wachowski Brother's upcoming Speed Racer-live action movie
*Racer by Day*

more images on my multiply album :)
*Robber By Night*

*stick'em up!*

- BBI WW2 japanese pilot-Nude with 101st Airborne-Gloves
- generic Blue Tee from G.I.Joe (logos on front and back of tee are stickers-on ;p)
- White Long-sleeved tee from Elite Brigade
- White Pants Unknown Brand from HK
- Orange Sneakers Unknown Brand from HK
- Red Scarf from a Playing Mantis/Captain Action Lone Ranger figure
- Racing Googles from Takara Jenny!
- Custom helmet bought locally in Singapore ("M" is sticker-on)
- BBI Scorpion's pistols
- Shoulder-strap/holster/gun = unknown to me!
- wish i had a 1/6th Mach-5 to go with this dude! LOL

(posted@OSW / circa 12.11.2006)

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