BRAVO-SIX (repost)

"BRAVO-SIX" was a fictional team build based on my fascination (for lack of a better term) for the Vietnam War - most probably brought about from the stint on my 4th film which happened to be a Vietnam-war story, but based on the P.O.V. of Vietnamese-soldiers rather than the usual American grunts. Each and every one of these grunts possess their own characters and back-story (ie - the descriptions on the individual images/bash) - it makes for an "easier" bash process, I guess ... which is the irony of me often going-on about being "not into Military-1/6th" ... Bash-Breakdown is hard to do, as I've utilized every item from different brands to build-up this team (DML / HT / TUS / SOTW etc). They remain incomplete (and perhaps some have been cannibalized for other bashes) - from the day I bashed and photographed them - circa Nov 18th, 2004. This is a *repost*.

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