i am toysrevil


I started off 2008 with my first bash parodying Will Smith's I Am Legend (which i happened to watch new year's eve - and enjoyed, really), of coz opting for a quasi-closer image to myself (longhaired but not that skinny, and faaaaar from that good lookinbg *cough* LOL) with photoshopped beard (:p). good fun :)

(Original Image above)

- Man Called Hero Dragon-figurebase (with photoshopped facial-hair - yes, im a cheater LOL)
- Elite Brigade white-tee with self-printed tee-shirt design (done years back)
- BBI Carlos black shirt (always a staple-fav for me)
- Unidentified black-pants (heh)
- Bootleg Nike black-sneakers
- Hot Toy's primary
- Black pouch-bag from DML Dangergirl
- (possibly) TUS German Shephard


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