there is no team zero (1/6 wip-kitbash)

WIP-kitbash of my 1/6th-scaled "Support" Black Ops team
designation: Team Zero (Copyright © 2008) for "WWR":
[Disclaimer: this is a fictional concept-team inspired by but
not a direct related production item from WorldWarRobot]

Bash "loosely" based on the "Dirty Deeds" variant of Bertie The Pipebot (and a slight reference to Ashley Wood's Non de Plume figure).

Guys need to be kitted out with weapons next, including: (1) knives for the "Knife Dude", (2) Sniper-rifles, guns etc, and (3) the tech-guy (there is always a tech-guy in the team, to maintain the mecha). Would love to get my hands on a trio of WW1-era gas-masks tho ... Era for this team is circa WW2, or rather "WWR2" - where the Alliance against zombies include Germany - heh. Once completed, I will begin on the modern-equivalent of the Black Ops team.

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