me and mrs claus

the original e-message goes: "Tell Bad Santa, if he's not good, then there'll be no music & wine & backrubs from Mrs Claus, the day-after-Christmas"
[this was in response to an egreeting from cyber-buddies Triclops Studio]
i'd wanted to replicate their original image with my own Father-X, but i could't find him! luckily Mrs Claus was hanging around and came in handy (:p). on hindsight, maybe i could've given her all-black-shades, to up the "danger"-factor (*cough*) LOL

- BBI Angel-figure base
- Takara CYG Cutie Honey inner-suit
- sexy-boots are Angel's own
- High-back armchair is a jewelry-box
- a SideShowToy candlestand and a Barbie Wine-holder on top of a Palisades' Reservoir Dogs' old skool-radio
- pistola from Dragon (maybe? :p)
- self-weathered shotgun from TUS or maybe Dragon - can't recognize it now LOL

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