the vinyltoyfreak

the VinylToyFreak was my 1/6th interpretation of a toy-forum-mascot (VinylToyFreaks) sent off as an e-greeting. unfortunately i was unable to get the vibrant green i;d wanted from my dark-olive-green hoodie/parka (and of coz my bad lighting :p) and had to resort to photoshopping in the shade! LOL (original uncolored image on-left)

- Chinese Wayang-mask from a kiddie birthday-treat (is actually smaller on 1/6th-faces)
- Dark OD-Green Parka via CoolToys (i think)
- BBI-G1 body and non-descript headsculpt LOL
- handheld toys are random figures i have littered around my grotto (ie: room)

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