the reject villains

the Reject Villains were created as a parody-foil to Suckadelic's own StarWars-sendoffs; The Original Villains Network.

i'd actually finished shooting the first batch of guys (seen below) but realized i forgot to put on the Santa-cap! (which would have made the difference, IMHO). but i'd used one of the figures for another bash+shoot (VinylToyFreak LOL) and so at 3am in the morning, i decided to rebash that one character and reshoot the whole darned thing LOL

they even have "powers" of their own! (final line-up shown above / left-to-right): AstroNautical (power: can survive in polluted air, but only with his helmet on), MindSpike (power: can hear people's thoughts, but only if they spoke it clearly enough) and The Corporate Triple Programming Officer (power: can appear non-undetectable in corporate environments / he was supposed to be "The Corporate Clone", but i couldn't find my Clone Trooper-helmet LOL)

the "original line-up" shown-below (left-to-right): MindSpike (Version.01), C3PO and AstroFashHash (power: can create exceptionally ugly fashion-styles but will forever be the mysterious designer under the helmet)

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